A Milestone Birthday

This year marks two decades in business for TAA PR. It sounds cliche, but 20 years has flown by. TAA, known as The Aba Agency when we first launched, has survived the early aughts and is still thriving today in a very different world.

  • Oct.2022

Spring Awakening

Something about spring makes me feel alive! Perhaps it’s because I was born on the first day of the season. It always gives me the feeling of a new beginning.

  • Mar.2022

Together Again

This month, as we gather in-person with family and friends for the start of the holiday season, we are reminded that gratitude is truly a gift.

  • Nov.2021


This month, we’re excited to share what and who inspires us, and to continue building on the journey we were once on, with new twists and turns.

  • Oct.2021