Brave New World

Between the physical and the surreal lies the magic. Welcome to the TAA Meta Office

By Jameelah Nasheed

If the last few years have shown us anything, it’s that life is happening beyond what’s in front of us, and extends far past what we’re able to physically touch. With that in mind, fresh on the heels of celebrating 20 years in the industry, TAA|PR is stepping into its next chapter with the launch of its latest office — one that is truly out of this world. In the metaverse, to be exact. Through the TAA|PR Meta Office, opportunities for creative engagement are limitless. From virtual showroom designs to immersive real-time digital experiences, this new venture is transforming the world of communications. 

“I do a lot of things in my business as a consumer first. As consumers, we’re always looking for what’s next.” says TAA|PR Founder and President, Aba Kwawu. After hearing Morin Oluwole, Global Head of Luxury at Meta, speak on the intersection of luxury and tech, Kwawu was inspired. “I asked myself, ‘What does communications as an industry look like in the face of Web 3.0? How can my company grow and lead in this space?”

Brands like Nike, Apple, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few, are already part of this new luxe life in the metaverse, and now, through TAA|PR’s innovative space, clients across industries will be able to join them. Its meta office offers a full experience, starting with the creation of a personalized 3-D person — and that’s just the beginning. For brands looking to leverage services in Web 3.0, TAA is able to guide the way when it comes to a host of 3D immersive offerings.

Every communications professional knows the importance of events, and the metaverse is no different. Upon entering TAA’s augmented reality, folks are able to have immersive experiences where fashion crosses the barriers of the physical. Additionally, participants will be able to learn about different brands and actions that will give them virtual and interactive entertainment, with the possibility of special promotions. 

The offerings and experiences don’t end there. With the comprehensive list of services including: metahuman development, augmented reality filters, Web 3.0 design, body tracking interactive screens, holograms, in-event digital experiences, virtual reality, 3-D modeling, animation motion graphics, architectural visualization and product design rendering.

Perhaps the most exciting part of TAA’s new office is its reach and the open-ended list of possibilities. As expansive as real-life experiences can be, inevitably, there are limits. Through digital experiences, clients can reach the entire world. Regardless of where you are, you can benefit from this experience. A reminder that anything that you can imagine, can be done digitally. 

“Through the metaverse, we have a whole new realm to play in and a whole new area for us to learn,” says Kwawu. “This is where we’re going, so TAA is doing what we’ve done for 20 years now — innovating and leading.”

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